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Frequently asked questions

G E N E R A L 

What are your service hours? 

We respond to emails and phone calls Monday-Friday 8 am - 3 pm, although, we provide pre-ordered delivery service and pickup 7 days a week.

Are you related to Biscuit & Bean? 

Yes we are! Owned by the same guys, we like to see Biscuit & Bean as our retail shop and Northwest Biscuit Company as the wholesale and bulk order department

So, what is this place? I'm still confused..

Northwest Biscuit Company is a production facility that handles wholesale biscuits for local coffee shops (check our list of wholesale clients) and bulk orders that are available for pickup at Ballard and Lake Stevens shop. However, if you are familiar with Biscuit and Bean, we do not offer sandwiches or eggs.  


Do you have a store front? 

We do not. We are a kitchen facility located in Greenwood, Seattle. 

Do you offer gluten free options? 

Unfortunately, we do not offer gluten-free biscuits or gravy. 

B U L K   O R D E R   &   C A T E R I N G

What's the difference between bulk order and catering? 

Both bulk & catering orders have to exceed a dozen biscuits. Bulk orders can be picked up at any of our location and as for catering, we deliver orders to the venue where the biscuits are going be served. We can also provide setup for catering, but, we do not provide servers at the event.

What's the minimum? 

A dozen biscuits is our minimum for both bulk orders and catering.

What's your cutoff time for ordering? 

We kindly ask folks to have their order in AND approved 48-hours in advance. We take orders that are placed less than 48-hours on a case by case basis. Please understand that we want to be as helpful as possible but also need time to fulfill orders. We make our biscuits by hand and produce them in small batches for quality control. 

Do you provide a price quote? 

Absolutely! Fill out a price quote form OR give us a call at (206) 446-8867.

Do you provide complimentary cutlery? 

Yep! The price of our biscuits include cutlery (plastic fork, knife, spoon, napkin) and paper plates. Please specify the amount needed upon placing an order. Setup assistance is also available at no additional cost.

Is tipping allowed? 

A tipping option will be prompted during your checkout with square invoice. We also allow cash tips for our delivery drivers if you choose to do so.

How do I pre-pay my order? 

Once we have received your order we will email you an invoice where you can proceed with online payment through square invoice.

Is a deposit required to place my order? 

We require deposits only for orders above $500.

What's your cancellation policy? 

We will refund 50% for cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to your delivery OR pickup.

Do you deliver weekends? 

We do! However, we incur a flat rate weekend fee of $7.00 + delivery fee for all weekend deliveries. Weekend bulk pickup orders do not incur extra fees.


Where do you deliver? 

We deliver anywhere in King County & Snohomish County.

Do you cater on Thanksgiving or Christmas? 

We are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Holiday orders shall be picked up the day before Thanksgiving OR on Christmas Eve.

Do you cater to dietary restrictions? 

We cater to vegetarian options. Our biscuits, gravy, and (some) spreads contain dairy. We do not suggest serving ANY of our products to folks that have severe gluten allergy, as they are processed in a high-gluten kitchen facility. Please contact us for other questions regarding dietary restrictions. 

Alright, this all sounds great! How can I place my order? 

Head over to CATERING tab and fill out a form, click ORDER NOW for pickup orders, OR you can call us at (206) 446-8867

Do you have any unanswered questions? Shoot us an email at OR call us at (206) 446-8867

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